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Cedar Creek Recruits and Trains 700 Volunteers

Cedar Creek Church in Aiken, South Carolina was in the final stages of completing a new 1800 seat worship center. They had been conducting three Sunday Services with a total attendance of app. 1700. Six months prior to their anticipated opening, PCC was engaged to help them with their Guest Services so that when they moved into their new building they would be ready for the increase in attendance they expected.

PCC began by attending their services and doing an overall evaluation. Next their consultant met with the Sr. staff and the leadership of each ministry to determine what policies and procedures were in place and where the work needed to begin. The next step was to work with Sr. Staff to methodically go through each area and write the policies and procedures for each volunteer team. A new team that was begun with all volunteers was the Security Team.

PCC also led the church through a recruiting process that resulted in 700 new volunteers being recruited and trained. Opening day was incredible. The attendance was over 2800. Every Guest Services Team was equipped to handle this tremendous crowd with excellence. The parking lots were maxed, but the team made quick decisions and handled the situation. The training and planning paid off.