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Partners In Church Consulting

Maximizing His Resources
to Accomplish His Vision

Months 1-4:

Financial Freedom Seminar

  • Advanced preparation with potential large donors
  • Address non-campaign issues that could affect your campaign

Months 5-9:

Design Campaign and develop calendar.
Your church is unique! The design of your campaign should be just as unique. This process involves a one to two day planning session to create a unique giving emphasis for your church. It includes beginning the process of choosing a title, developing a calendar, and designing the Kick-off, Commitment, and Celebration Sundays. A detailed strategy will be developed to inform your congregation about your project through small group meetings, banquets, rallies and your regularly scheduled meetings and organizations. It also involves designing a plan to spiritually challenge your people through a prayer strategy, Bible studies and your worship services. Through this process you will also determine the leadership team needed for your campaign.

Enlist and train Leadership Team.
Once the design is complete, the consultant will return to your church and conduct an orientation for your Leadership Team. He will then meet with each of them one-on-one to train them in their specific responsibilities. The orientation is not only a training time but a time of teaching, team building and spiritual motivation. They will be given a detailed timeline of their duties and a clear understanding of how their responsibilities relate to the project as a whole. This visit usually can be accomplished in two days. The consultant will also assist by:

  • Provide giving program samples and resources
  • Continue training and coaching campaign leadership
  • Train telephone calling team
  • Train host for small group meetings
  • Coach the Sr. Pastor and other leaders on their campaign presentations and activities
  • Assist in the day-to-day management during emphasis period
  • Coach leadership in producing printed and video material

Months 10-12:

Public presentation of Vision.
The "public" aspect of your capital campaign involves 5-8 Sundays. The primary purpose is to cast the vision God has put before your congregation and call your people to commitment. A prayer strategy is at the heart of this phase of the emphasis. The culmination of this phase is Commitment Sunday.

Months 13-48:

Development and implementation of Follow-up strategy