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Motivating Your Volunteers
to Become Effective Ministers

This is typically a 4-week process that can result in adding many new volunteers and effectively training your current volunteers. Here is a sample schedule. Your schedule will be tailored to your needs.

Phase 1: Weeks 1-5
This phase involves an on-site visit to evaluate your current policies and procedures. During this visit, time will be spent with the senior staff to begin writing the policies and procedures. This “re-write” will be completed by the 5t week.

Phase 2: Week 6
A Presentation in all weekend worship services, led by the consultant, presents being a volunteer as a key part of the church’s vision. There is a strong call to personal evangelism and to being aggressive in inviting people to the church services. There is a strong call to volunteer for service. It is not unusual to see 10% to 15% of the attendees respond to be new volunteers.

Phase 3: Weeks 7-8
The 2 weeks immediately following is spent with the staff following up on the new volunteers and enlisting then for the training session.
The training session, led by the consultant, is typically during week 8.