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Partners In Church Consulting

Moving Your Vision
From A Dream To Reality

  • Communicate your vision with financial confidence
  • Identify how a high-capacity facility complements your high-capacity church
  • Position your church to enjoy the journey while avoiding unnecessary pitfalls


Church Planning, LLC’s engineered approach to facility expansion will help your church realize maximum return on investment while safeguarding credibility during the challenging facility expansion process. This assessment will:

  • Provide a platform to strategically align your church culture, ministry focus and leadership style with a facility that will produce maximum kingdom significance.
  • Utilize sound church-business processes to help determine your financial capacity.
  • Employ tools and resources we have developed over several decades to formulate a realistic and comprehensive project budget to ensure your God-given resources accomplish your God-given vision for your facility.
  • Complete a thorough statistical forecasting analysis of growth trends to determine capacity needs and to establish a reasonable timetable for development.
  • Examine your existing facility for optimum usage to determine possible relief from current and forecasted growth pressure points. We can also include property due diligence for a potential site to determine constructability.
  • Identify how a high-capacity facility will complement your high-capacity church.
  • Position your church to enjoy the journey of facility expansion while avoiding unnecessary pitfalls along the way.
  • Create a map for implementing the “Next Step” to guide you through completing the expansion process from space planning to occupancy in a near seamless transition.

The First Step Is An Assessment

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