Partners In Church Consulting

Partners In Church Consulting

Pastors, this is a story your parents need to hear. It is a story of inspiration, hope, humor, mistakes, and victories. It is a story that every parent in your church can relate to in some way. Lamar and Cindy Slay are normal parents of 5 children, 3 of their own and 2 from a former marriage. They never imagined the challenges that life would deal them.

Meet their kids:

Stephen & Jeremy- from Lamar’s first marriage, bonus kids to Cindy. They grew up a thousand miles away with limited influence from Lamar & Cindy. 

Rian, The first born, valedictorian, youth group leader, quiet time journals since 6th grade, full ride scholarship to private college, Master of Fine Arts and the ultimate Drama Queen!

Josh, The middle child. Born with only one speed--wide open. Athlete, loved to hunt & fish, needed to know the boundaries. His all out zest for life and lack of purpose led to years of drug addiction, life on the streets, and attempted suicide.

Brittany, The baby girl. Parents were told at her birth that she would never walk, talk, or be able to go to public school. Her life has included incredible pain, 20 surgeries, and constant struggles. One small thing, they: forgot to tell her about her limitations!  Born with cardio-velo–facial–syndrome, or Spritzen’s syndrome. Because of the potential for multiple birth defects, the doctor presented abortion as an option.

At birth, her parents were told that she would never walk, talk, or be able to go to public school. But they forgot to tell Brittany.  After 20 surgeries and pain most people could not endure, continued struggles with schools to receive the help that Texas law guaranteed, the unbelievable hours of studies with her mom to pass the simplest of test, Brittany’s accomplishments are amazing. Learn what God has done with her life that includes being a volunteer leader in a mega church’s Jr. High ministry.

 The father of these 5 incredible children brings this story to life in an amazing 45-minute presentation. Master communicator, Lamar Slay, formerly on the teaching teams of Rick Warren and Ed Young, tells the story of the struggles they went thru as they attempted to be Godly parents. Learn the pain of divorce and the challenges of being the non-custodial parents. Walk through the devastating realization that your son is addicted to drugs and alcohol, the futility of multiple stays in rehab, the gut-wrenching drive to the homeless shelter, and the 36 hours of silence after being texted that he was taking his life. Experience the joy of seeing a child develop a deep love for the Lord and His word at an early age and never look back.