Partners In Church Consulting

Partners In Church Consulting

 “The Parent Talk was incredible. It was just what we needed. The Parent Talk gave us the encouragement we needed to apply “tough love” to our son who is involved in drugs.
John and Anita

“Our children are very young and we were hesitant to attend The Parent Talk. but we did and we are so thankful we attended. We learned principals that we need to put into place now so our children fully understand these Biblical concepts when they are teenagers.”
Rob and Sue

“We have had to make some hard decisions with our daughter who is on drugs and were questioning if we had made the right decision. We left The Parent Talk encouraged that God was not finished with our daughter and with hope--which we had lost.”
Bill and Abi

“The practical things we learned about parenting was amazing! No more waiting up to see if our kids are home on time. What a great solution!”
Lawrence and Trish

“We have great kids who never give us any trouble. The Parent Talk reinforced our strategy and greatly encouraged us!”
Wayne and Lucy