Partners In Church Consulting

Partners In Church Consulting

How long is The Parent Talk?

45-60 minutes depending on the audience.

Parents of what age children should attend The Parent Talk?

The presentation teaches both principals and practical solutions so it is very relevant to parents of all ages. Parents of younger children will learn the principles they need to instill early and parents of teenagers will learn those principles and practical solutions they can begin using immediately.

Can my teenagers attend?

Yes, there is a lot for teenagers to learn in the presentation but childcare should be provided for kids under 6th grade.

Can The Parent Talk be used as an outreach event?

Absolutely! The Parent Talk is not “churchy” or “preachy”. It is totally based on Biblical Principles from scripture but presented in such a way that the unchurched will relate to and embrace those principals.

Can we visit with someone from PCC with additional questions?  

Absolutely.  Just submit a request to with a good contact phone number and someone from PCC will contact you.

Does The Parent Talk work as a community event?  

This is probably the best venue.  When several churches come together and sponsor the The Parent Talk in a nuetral site it is much easier to attract the unchurch to the event. The expeneses are shared the entire community can benefit. 

What is the cost of presenting The Parent Talk to my parents?

The speaking fee is based on the type of presentation that is requested. In addition to the speaking fee, the church is asked to pay for all travel expenses.