Partners In Church Consulting

Partners In Church Consulting

Here are some suggestions for presenting The Parent Talk to your parents.

Parents Night Out!

The Parent Talk works great for a program for parents of all ages. Children and Student Ministries can join together to sponsor a Parenting Night that includes childcare, hourderves or desserts, and The Parent Talk. The presentation typically last 45-60 minutes.

Worship Service

An abbreviated version of The Parent Talk can be presented as the message in the weekend worship services. Pastors often ask Lamar to make the presentation as one of the messages in their Parenting or Marriage series. Another option is to have Lamar speak in the worship services as a lead-in to the full presentation that evening.

Men’s or Women’s Event

The presentation works well in a men’s or women’s event as Lamar addresses the importance of the Father taking the leadership as a parent and the couple being 100% together on all decisions and actions.

Community Event

The most effective use of The Parent Talk as an outreach event is for several churches to go together and sponsor it as a resource for the parents in your community.